Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are a number of questions that prospective clients have commonly asked us about our business. Perhaps our answers will put you at ease when deciding to take the plunge and entrust us with the well being of your vehicle.

If you have any other questions which we do not touch on here then please feel free to make contact and put your questions to our team. We will do our best in answering it to your satisfaction.

Fast Repair

All Repairs are done in a proffessional manner knowing full well that a standing truck is not making you the client any profit. Time is money and we aim to get your vehicle back on the road in a timeous manner.

Friendly support

We look forward to your call to find out just how we can assist you. Let us impress you with our passion for keeping your vehicles on the road.

Payment Options

For your convenience we are able to accept Fleet, Debit and Credit Card payments from Visa or Mastercard.
Alternatively we accept EFT transfers into our bank account. However please be aware we will only release vehicles on confirmation of funds being cleared in our account. Clearing of funds may not be immediate and will differ from bank to bank.


All repairs carry a warranty.

1. Do You work over weekends and after hours?

Our working hours are generally between 7:30am and 5pm each workday. However depending on your requirements and the size of your fleet we will consider your request with regard to after hours and weekend servicing and repairs.

2. Are you able to perform services at my premises?

Generally we prefer to conduct our business at our well equipped workshops however depending on your requirements and the size of your fleet we will with pleasure consider assisting you with onsite servicing and repairs.

3. Do I receive a quote before any work is done?

Generally your vehicle is booked in and we start work on it immediatley in order to reduce down time. We will repair the list of faults that you stipulated on the book in form and complete any service that was required. During this process our mechanics will do a TruckFix Check Through which may uncover further faults that you may not have been aware of. A quote will be prepared and forwarded to you for your authorization. You then have the ability to decide what additional work you would like done to your vehicle.

Should you prefer us to only start work after a quote has been authorized then please stipulate this requirement when you book your vehicle in with us.

4. What oils do you use?

TruckFix is a Castrol accredited workshop and as such we only supply their products. We beleive Castrol products are amongst the finest out there and that’s why we are proud to be associated.

5. How many working bays do you operate?

We have 8 bays each of which can comfortably accomodate 2 large rigid chassis or 3 truck tractors.

6. What is your payment policy?

TruckFix is strictly a payment on collection business. For you convenience we have fleet, debit and credit card facilities on site. EFT’s can be done however please make these payments in good enough time before collection so as to ensure they are cleared in our bank account.

7. Will you quote on work on a vehicle I do not physically send in?

We prefer to physically examine each vehicle so we know that our quote is accurate and well considered.